5 (Ridiculously Simple) Ways to Write Faster, Better, Easier

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Before I started writing full time, I hardly wrote anything longer than an email message.

Then I started writing thousands of words without much effort.

Something happened.

Instead of constantly hitting a brick wall and facing writer’s block, I stumbled upon a few techniques that helped me write faster.

Want to know how I did it?

Introducing: “5 (Ridiculously Simple) Ways to Write Faster, Better, Easier”

“5 (Ridiculously Simple) Ways to Write Faster, Better, Easier” is a 28-page e-book revealing specific techniques to help you write faster and more effectively. The techniques can help you to generate ideas when you don’t have any.

Tom Clifford is by trade a filmmaker. For most of his life, he rarely wrote anything longer than a brief comment in the margin of a script. Now, though, he's producing tens of thousands of words a year, first as a Fast Company "Expert Blogger," and then as a writer for the Content Marketing Institute. How did Tom go from a non-writer to a prolific and much-read one? His eBook, '5 (Ridiculously Simple) Ways . . . ' holds some of his secrets.
—Mark Levy, Author of "Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content"

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid article chaos and stay organized (in just a few simple steps)
  • How to always have a stack of ideas at your disposal—even when your back is up against the wall
  • Why the “Whack-a-Mole Factor” prevents you from writing at your optimum speed
  • The little-known trick to writing faster—that writing teachers and most copywriters hardly ever share
  • How the 10-20-30 Principle can help even the busiest person find time to write

You’ll be able to tackle these five writing hurdles:

  • Staying organized
  • Generating ideas
  • Writing quickly
  • Using time efficiently
  • Eliminating distractions

Who should read this e-book?

These tips work—whether you’re the new kid on the block or an experienced business professional.

You’ll be able to quickly boost your writing output while adding new writing techniques to your existing tool kit.

Tom is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet—if you have the privilege to meet him. And he does sterling work as well. But don’t just take my word for it. Read this free report and you’ll not just love its tone and content, but learn a lot as well.
—Sean D’Souza, Psychotactics.com

How do I know these techniques work?

Once I discovered a technique that helped me write faster, better, or more easily, I’d repeat it, to see if it produced consistent results.

If the results were steady, I’d write about that technique and share it with others.

If the technique worked for them, its effectiveness was further validated.

Anyone who wants to improve their writing needs this e-book. A lot of ebooks are short because they just don’t have much substance to offer. They’re not worth your time (and so are many of the long ones, too, for that matter). Tom’s is short because he’s so good at giving you only what you need to know.

‘5 (Ridiculously Simple) Ways to Write Faster, Better, Easier’ lives up to its promise by example as well as in the words themselves. Tom used the very same techniques he teaches you to write this book.

And what’s in here is not just a rehash of the same tired ideas you find coming from people who have suddenly fancied themselves as writing gurus. There are tricks in here I never heard of (like the Writing Funnel) and some I had forgotten about and was glad to be reminded of (like Sporadic Writing).
—Michael Martine, Blog Alchemist, Remarkablogger.com

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P.S. Do you struggle finding time to write? If so, you’ll love using the 10-20-30 Principle described in the e-book. It works with the craziest of schedules.