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E-Book Testimonials

"Thomas Clifford has made something useful here. This report will give you some really catchy, useful ideas.

It made me reconsider how I do what I do, so you might give it a look-see, too!" 

Chris Brogan, President, Human Business Works 

"Tom Clifford is by trade a filmmaker. For most of his life, he rarely wrote anything longer than a brief comment in the margin of a script. 

Now, though, he's producing tens of thousands of words a year, first as a Fast Company "Expert Blogger," and then as a writer for the Content Marketing Institute. 

How did Tom go from a non-writer to a prolific and much-read one? His eBook, '5 (Ridiculously Simple) Ways . . . , ' holds some of his secrets."

Mark Levy, Author of "Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content"

“Tom is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet—if you have the privilege to meet him. And he does sterling work as well. But don’t just take my word for it.

Read this free report and you’ll not just love its tone and content, but learn a lot as well.”

Sean D’Souza, Psychotactics.com

“Anyone who wants to improve their writing needs this e-book. A lot of ebooks are short because they just don’t have much substance to offer. They’re not worth your time (and so are many of the long ones, too, for that matter). Tom’s is short because he’s so good at giving you only what you need to know. 

‘5 (Ridiculously Simple) Ways to Write Faster, Better, Easier’ lives up to its promise by example as well as in the words themselves. Tom used the very same techniques he teaches you to write this book. 

And what’s in here is not just a rehash of the same tired ideas you find coming from people who have suddenly fancied themselves as writing gurus. There are tricks in here I never heard of (like the Writing Funnel) and some I had forgotten about and was glad to be reminded of (like Sporadic Writing).” 

Michael Martine, Blog Alchemist, Remarkablogger.com 

Tom's copywriting strategies reduced my writing time by over 50%

Before working with Tom on my content marketing efforts, I wanted to write faster, be more effective with my audience, create headlines that worked and increase the traffic to my website. 

After working with Tom, his copywriting strategies reduced my writing time by over 50%, my headlines are more "clickable" on social media sites and my website hits have steadily increased.

Key people in my industry are now asking me to write articles for their blogs and websites. 

Tom brings two unique qualities everywhere he goes: 1) a desire for clients to succeed and 2) a determination to exceed their expectations. 

He is personable, professional and has spent a career build strong working relationships. He always focuses on his clients' success and checks back to make sure they received what they needed.

Marcia LaReau, Job and Career Coach: Strategic and Tactical Career Solutions, Motivational Speaker


I've worked closely with Tom on several important pieces of content, and plan to continue working with him for years to come

Tom has helped me to organize the details of each idea, and to keep each article focused. 

As a founder of two companies, it is difficult to make time to sit down and write an article on my own. So, it’s been extremely valuable having Tom to guide me through the process and get my own words expressed on a regular basis.

I would highly recommend Tom’s service to you if you have ideas that you are too busy to express to the rest of the world.

On top of it all, he’s extremely friendly, punctual and makes the process fun.

Jason Lankow, CEO/Cofounder at Visage



Tom’s coaching is so effective that my first session paid for itself within the first 10 minutes

Before I began working with Tom, I struggled on and off with giving my documents a structure with a clear, focused direction. 

After working with Tom, I now have a systematic way to approach my technical papers, day-to-day business communications, and presentations to senior-level staff. 

Tom’s coaching is so effective that my first session paid for itself within the first 10 minutes. 

In fact, right after my first session, I used one of Tom’s techniques in an email to our executive staff. 

The result? I received full support on a large project because I was able to present—and defend—my position by using a clear and persuasive strategy. 

I appreciate Tom’s mentoring and his ability to direct, challenge, and channel my ideas into a polished finished product. 

Christian Raube, Solutions Architect - Product Enablement at VMware


I would recommend Thomas to anyone looking to present their service in a compelling way

Before working with Thomas, I was struggling to create a description of our service for our website. 

It was just so difficult to see the forest from the trees. I felt like I was going in circles and I wasn’t happy with anything I wrote. 

While working with Tom, it was just amazing to see how a perfect description appeared in front of us, paragraph by paragraph. 

Like a sculptor chiseling away marble, Thomas patiently massages individual pieces of the text until a beautiful piece of work emerges. Reading the result, I found myself being sold by our own copy. :-) 

From the first moment, I felt like I was in good hands. Thomas is an experienced copywriter and a delight to work with. 

I would recommend Thomas to anyone looking to present their service in a compelling way. 

You'll not only get great results, you'll enjoy the ride. 

Thomas applies a methodology that guarantees the copy to follow your tone and to be exactly what you want it to be—without compromising the persuasiveness of the result. 

Vladimir Blagojević, Managing Partner, Growth Engine Lab



I was frustrated! I couldn't find anyone who understood my business well enough to write copy with the impact I wanted

But then, during a SKYPE face-to-face with you, I realized you had both the understanding and the skills to write world class copy my product and website deserved.

I entered into the conversation with a barrier in my mind that, if left unaddressed, would prevent me from hiring Thomas. It was previous experience with long distance engagements and getting someone on the same page as I was.

I have to admit this thought gave me some hesitation. I was asking, “Is this guy really going to be able to get on my page and understand me? He doesn’t really know me other than through reading my articles and watching a few of my videos.”

But, Thomas, after I had a Skype face-to-face with you, I realized you “got” me. You understood probably better than anyone else what I was looking for; that I didn’t have the talent to take my landing page to the next level. I could write but I didn’t have that talent to get that unique angle I needed.

So that overcame any questions I had in my mind.

Let me tell you what I found as a result of working with you
You are extremely professional. As a professional myself, when someone who is a craftsman and understands their role and the importance of their role and how to write effectively and efficiently and they have professionalism with it, it’s not just a job, it’s actually a passion—when that comes through, there’s a level of professionalism and personalization that is really quite attractive.

And so I found that working with you in that area, what I got was an incredibly professional piece of writing done in a professional way, constant communication with it, and that was—the fact that we were thousands and thousands of miles away from each other on different time zones—I’m a day ahead of you—yet there was great communication. The fact that we were so far away from each other in different time zones didn’t even enter into the equation.

There were some very specific features I liked about the way you write
The quality of your writing is mature, relevant and appropriate. I've been in consulting and coaching for over 22 years and I’ve got to be straight up—I think the quality of your writing is some of the best I've seen.

Your style is very user friendly. It’s very human. It’s not clinical.

That feature of working with you I found best was just the quality—your ability to write—your ability to get ideas across was clear and succinct.

You understand how to pull back and to write copy through a third eye, so to speak, and you were able to do that really well, and that’s an important element of an effective website.

Let me tell you more . . .
I found working with you easy. You’re very accommodating. You understand the client consulting relationship very well. It’s a discovery mindset.

You don’t come with a prepackaged solution and try to get me to do something. You come along and do a discovery to find out what’s this all about.

And I found that, you’re easy to work with because you asked a lot of the right questions. The questions are always going to be the greatest determination of how effective you’re going to be as a consultant anyway. And the level of your impact is going to on the depth of your questions.

You ask good questions and that’s come because you’ve done the training. You’ve gone out and you’ve learned how to do effective discovery even in your previous life in filmmaking.

And that was a really strong element of what you did with me. You didn’t start writing until you actually had conducted not one, but several layers of discovery. Then you came back with your first draft of content and said, okay now let’s change some of this to make it work. That was a good approach.

Your process has depth and simplicity all packaged into one seamless flow
Your process is flawless. I best describe it as a Four Dimensional Process and it has a lot of depth.

The first thing that you do is Discovery. You ask a lot of questions that are relevant and insightful. Thought provoking. Then you Diagnose, with me, what you have Discovered. Then, and only then, do you Design the solution and finally you Deliver – just like you said you would.


This process allows you to create ideas, bring clarity and provide context. Like I said, flawless!

So, would I recommend you?
I would go further than just recommending you. I would say that if you have requirements for high quality copy for your products or services – YOU NEED THOMAS CLIFFORD!

I think that when it comes to writing copy, you don’t know if someone is a good copywriter. They may write advertising copy but when it comes to writing the kind of copy that we need in consulting and coaching, you’ve got remarkable talent and skill.

Here’s my final word . . .
If anyone needs to have copy that works, then Tom Clifford is someone who actually knows how to make it work. He’ll spend the time to make sure it works for you.

He's one of the best in the business.

Eugene Moreau, Certified Master Coach



One of the most reliable writers we have

Thomas has been an extremely important part of the CMI writing team. He has a great following and his articles get quite a bit of traction. Thomas is one of the most reliable writers we have and is continually someone we can count on.

Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute



Working with Tom ended up saving me LOTS of time (and money)

At first, I struggled with hiring a copywriter. I thought I should be able to tell my own story and write my own copy. Plus, there’s the time and expense involved in hiring someone. Then I decided to hire Tom.

Working with Tom ended up saving me LOTS of time (and money) since I could now focus on my business and not spend time writing. I was at a point where I was stuck and Tom helped me get my website launch date back on track. I also had great peace of mind knowing a "pro" would be producing my copy.

Tom is very thorough in explaining his process. I specifically liked Tom’s process; it’s well thought out, organized and you’re clear about how it works. He gives a very good overview with instructions and examples, helping me make sense of everything I wanted to convey in my copy. Receiving professionally proofed copy that is ready to publish is a great benefit.

He’s very generous with his time and understood the message I was trying to convey. (I also found that copywriting is a skill/talent and one that is worth outsourcing to an expert.)

Tom understands how copywriting works—there is a purpose/call to action tied to each page. He knows that "content is king" and he works hard to create great copy that helps you achieve their business goals—get found on the web and get business!

Tom also has a wonderful background in film so he knows how to tell a story. He cares about his clients and provides them with an excellent product. Tom found great "nuggets" that will help make my story stand out from the competitors.

Jocelyn Ring, Visual Facilitator and Strategist, The Ring Effect, LLC 



Tom's script for the video helped us close 80% of our prospect viewers

Dear Business Friend, 

I have tried many times to write sales letters and scripts for the videos on my web site. I could hear the message I wanted in my head, but translating it to paper was frustrating and time consuming. I hired several other copywriters before but with no success. The writers didn’t have a system or formula for translating my ideas into copy, so their results were way off the mark. 

Tom’s nine-step template forced me to focus on my most important message points and eliminate the rabbit trails. 

Once I understood his 5-step copywriting process, the simple progress from introduction to wrap-up came together seamlessly. 

In fact, in the first 90 days of the video launch, Tom's script for the video helped us close 80% of our prospect viewers. 

If you have a "big-idea," you need a professional like Tom to laser focus your ideas on how to turn it into a convincing presentation. 

Follow the same advice you give your prospects: Cheap is never good in the long run. Invest in top talent for the most important thing you do - TELLING YOUR STORY!  

Barry McCoy, President, Fresh Air Corp


His writing is clear, creative and persuasive

I've had the pleasure of reviewing several examples of copywriting by Thomas.
His writing is clear, creative and persuasive. He is especially skilled at crafting effective marketing copy for B2B products and services. I highly recommend him.

Steve Slaunwhite, Author of business books, marketing advisor and copywriter, professional speaker



There isn't a marketing or communication department in the world that couldn't benefit from Tom's ability to write clearly and entertainingly.

Mark Levy, owner Levy Innovation Author of "Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight and Content"



The process Tom used from beginning to end kept the project right on track, avoiding any surprises

Starting a new business zaps 99% of my time.

Running my new business is keeping me busy day and night. Besides having very little time, I struggled between writing for my own site or hiring a writer.

I could have tried writing myself but I didn’t want to take the chance– attracting the right type of customer was too important to me. Hiring the right web writer was just as important, too.

I felt relieved!

After my first talk with Tom, I felt comfortable knowing I was in good hands. He clearly explained how we would work together and how we would move forward. Tom is very structured in his approach: he uses outlines and in-depth interviewing to capture what needs to be said.

Seeing his creative writing helped me to rest assure that I would have a fabulous website without worrying. I felt relieved– I could go back to focusing on my business.

I now have a compelling story to share with everyone
What I liked most about working with Tom is how he captured exactly what I was looking for. My site now clearly tells prospects how my business helps them while understanding the problems they face. I have a message I’m proud to share with potential customers.

Having a website is a must in today’s world. I find it’s better to have some one else work on your web copy since you are the one who owns the business. Tom provided a fresh perspective on what my message needed to convey instead of only me trying to get it right.

Tom came recommended to me and now I can definitely recommend Tom to you.

The process Tom used from beginning to end kept the project right on track, avoiding any surprises. He’s efficient and delivers when he says he will.

To top it all off, Tom is fun and easy to work with. It has been such a pleasure in working with Tom and seeing the development of my website. Thank you, Tom!!

Dr. Reanna Plancich, D.C. Discover Health Chiropractic. Seattle, Washington



He's easy to work with and always delivers when he says he will

As an editor, I enjoy working with Tom because his posts are relevant, engaging and conversational.

It’s one thing to be entertaining and another to be all business; Tom’s writing seamlessly weaves the two angles together for an interesting read.

I like that Tom wants his writing to fit the style of the site. For instance, he adds “easy-to-understand” examples to his articles for the Content Marketing Institute; these examples give credibility to his ideas and they empower our readers to act.

I definitely would recommend Tom’s article writing to others. He's easy to work with and always delivers when he says he will. 

Michele Linn, Director of Content Development, Content Marketing Institute



If you want to empower your readers, Tom is your man

Prior to having Tom write a guest article for the ForeSite blog, which is primarily technology based, one challenge I thought that he might encounter was not understanding the subject matter he was to write about. Tom quickly laid that fear to rest by showing that there were many solutions to any obstacle.

He demonstrated an understanding of our initial needs, and through his style of article writing, met them.

As a result of Tom’s articles being posted on our blog, we saw:
1. An increase in traffic with each installment of his three part series.
2. Tom’s articles ranked in our “top ten” blog posts.
3. Much higher Time on Page statistics.

We also feel that he was able to easily communicate technical information to a segment of our audience that may not always engage our blog. He did this with his ability to demystify some of the topics that we routinely cover in our blog.

The specific feature that I like most about Tom’s work was his ability to lend a conversational voice to technology. While Tom is clearly very experienced with technology and social media he is able to present his content in a manner that puts a technology novice at ease with information that can normally intimidate.

Another benefit to working with Tom is his ability to draw from previous experiences in
his professional life, regardless of industry. He can seamlessly transition what he has done for other clients into your project by offering advice and suggestions of various ways in which you can improve your project.

I would recommend Tom and his writing services to anyone in need of engaging an audience; the medium doesn’t matter – web, social media, whatever.

If you want to empower your readers, Tom is your man.

Tom can take intimidating content and make it easily relatable without being condescending to your audience; whether layperson or expert. 

Bryan Czajkowski, Former Business Development Manager, ForeSite Technologies, Inc.



Tom's always an asset on any business-building project

Do you know how some people are always great to be around? Tom Clifford is one.
Tom's always reading, thinking, honing his craft. He vibrates with positive energy, fresh ideas and wild enthusiasm.

I've witnessed Tom delivering keen insights to business marketing and communication workshop attendees. I've read and benefited from his articles on building business and attracting business relationships. Tom's always an asset on any business-building project.

Chris John Amorosino, President, Amorosino Writing, LLC



The result was an effective and insightful piece

I worked with Thomas most recently on producing outreach materials for Foodshare, the regional food bank of greater Hartford. He was thorough in his research and the result was an effective and insightful piece which we have since used in a variety of ways. I would highly recommend his services to any organization looking to achieve concise, well-written copy for a website or print communications.

Amanda Renna, Communications Specialist, Foodshare



This headline drew in more hits to our blog site than any other single blog article

We are so pleased with the series of blog articles that Tom wrote for ForeSite as a guest blogger! We were aware of Tom's reputation as an expert in his field and his awards for creative use of social media, so we had high expectations. Tom managed to exceed them with his humorous approach for the headline of the three-part series "Social Media Isn't For Business: Yeah Right!" This headline drew in more hits to our blog site than any other single blog article, and the response grew with each successive post. We look forward to continuing to work with Tom in the future, and would highly recommend his work.

Tracy Fox, Director of Business Development, ForeSite Technologies, Inc. 



Tom's the guy you want in your camp

Marketing and communications departments dream they had someone on their team who could be consistently evocative and, well, just consistent to begin with. Well, they can stop dreaming because Tom's the guy you want in your camp.

Sean D'Souza, Master Copywriter